Deductive word game by David Parlett

Java program by Eric Solomon


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Sorry - You need Java for this game

Choose a game number from 1 to 30, press ENTER and hit "Play". You will get a 5x5 grid of squares hiding 25 letters of the alphabet, all different. A genuine 5-letter word is hidden in just one of the ten rows and columns - your task is to find it. At each turn click on a cell then either on the blue query to reveal what letter it contains, or on the letter you think it contains. Starting with 25 points, the program deducts 1 point for each cell uncovered by clicking the query mark, and 5 points for each letter you guessed but got wrong. If you accidentally uncover the hidden word without having correctly identified any of its constituent letters you finish with a score of zero. Here's a link to the rules of the pencil-and-paper version of Quizl for two. To play some more, see link below.


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