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Music by Sir Arnold Bax
Complete listing by David & Graham Parlett

I've been a Bax enthusiast since first discovering joined-up music as a teenager in the year he died. The BBC broadcast live performances of his seven symphonies shortly afterwards, and I still have the diary describing my enthralled reaction to the Third, of which I was soon delighted to find a copy of Barbirolli's recording on six 12-inch 78's. My brother Graham subsequently caught the same enthusiasm at about the same age, and pursued this interest to the extreme of producing a catalogue of Baxworks in 1972 - a remarkable feat, as the composer was then completely out of fashion and nothing was being recorded or performed. Graham's catalogue expanded over the years and eventually became part of a doctoral thesis for which he was awarded a PhD in 1994. It was eventually published by Oxford University Press (within a few weeks, by a happy coincidence, of their publishing my Oxford History of Board Games). The following pages present a chronological listing of all the completed works of Arnold Bax, edited by me from Graham's published catalogue (with his help, including some corrections, revisions, and additional material). The number following the title of each item refers to the relevant entry in the published catalogue, and in other contexts this is referred to as the GP number. Comments and opinions are my own (DP) unless otherwise stated or apparent from the context. If you have any comments or queries, please contact via me.

Bax and Moeran. Photo Like most Bax enthusiasts, Graham and I are equally keen on the music of the less well known but more unjustly neglected E. J. Moeran. In 2007 we made a tour of Ireland visiting sites associated with both composers, notably Glencolmcille, Kenmare and Cork. A resultant album of pictures may be seen on this web page. (These links open on to separate windows.)